Our Approach

We are sales professionals who know that time is valuable and finding a more efficient way to lead a team is import to drive revenue and grow a business. We created salesmentor to combine individual coaching + AI tech to help sales leaders better coach their teams to achieve next level success.

Our Story

In driving revenue in our own companies, we didn’t have the time to sit with our sales reps consistently enough to see improvement in their performance. Once we combined our sales expertise and the Refract AI technology we experienced a winning combination and thus salesmentor was born…

Meet the Team

Dedicated professionals helping sales leaders accelerate revenue

Gabriel Gasca


20+ Years Business Development Professional

Rhett Fransen

Rhett Frandsen


CRO Driving Revenue – Multiple Startups & Enterprise Co’s

George Paar

Business Development

Programmatic Marketing & Business Development Expert

Next Steps…

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