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Hello, I’m Daniel Feander at salesmentor and I help SaaS founders and their teams take their business to the next level through sales training and mentoring & Sales Talent as a Service

How can I help you?

1-to-1 sales mentoring and training for founders and their teams

Sales Talent as a Service

Group workshops covering the different stages of the sales process


About salesmentor.

Specifically, I help SaaS founders and their teams to:

  • • Generate a list of highly qualified leads fast
  • • Source the best sales candidates (Sales Talent as a Service)
  • • Build a scalable and affordable client acquisition process
  • • Attract more prospects
  • • Convert at higher rates
  • • Scale your business

Daniel Feander


My Commitment

Wherever you are in growing your business,
I am committed to getting you to your next milestone.

Growth mindset

I believe in constant learning and improvement. Because of the compound effect, even minor improvements can be transformational.

Clear and honest communication

I get to the point, provide candid feedback and cut the jargon.

Commitment to satisfaction

I deliver real value and tangible results from the outset.

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I offer a number of workshops focussed on building your pipeline, qualifying leads and closing effectively.  Please contact me via the contact form for more details.

If you have a specific area that you wish to focus on, check out how I can help you under “Bespoke Coaching”.

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What Clients are saying

Mayank Agrawal - Co-Founder, COO & CTO, Intellibonds
It has been a pleasure to work with Daniel, who has been key in developing our go-to-market strategy during our first year since launch. He is zero BS and really helped us get clear on our messaging and define our ideal target audience. He showed us how to find our best customers on LinkedIn and gave us some great tools to automate our outreach and build a list of leads, quickly and hassle-free. He also coached me through sales demos, helping me to perfect my pitch and ask the right questions. In short, I could not recommend him highly enough.
Stu Edwards - Managing Director, Growth Minded Marketing
A client of mine suggested I connect with Daniel when I mentioned some challenges I faced with market/product fit and how to communicate to potential prospects. He has been instrumental in helping me refine my messaging and approach to outreach, and helped me polish up my pitch delivery!
David Kell - Co-Founder, Gyana
Daniel helped me to get comfortable with my public professional identity and develop a voice. Many people have commented on how much they enjoyed reading my content on LinkedIn. It enabled me to overcome the fears in "putting myself out there" and standing up for my product and brand. The work we did together on value-based selling was particularly useful as it gave me the confidence to charge significantly more for my solution and handle pushback from prospects. Daniel also helped me to become confident with the different tools and processes to build a sales process, including email campaigns and LinkedIn outreach.
Abel Bordonado Lillo - Founder, Tianlu
I am thrilled with the results I have achieved with the Growth Springboard program, led by Daniel. Daniel's profound understanding of my challenges and context became evident from our very first interaction, and the tangible results from our training sessions have been remarkable. One of the most significant transformations I've experienced is successfully positioning myself in the market. With Daniel's guidance, I now know where my strengths lie and have embraced a specific area that I truly enjoy working in. This shift has allowed me to stand out and be noticed by my target customers, while also giving me the confidence to reject projects that no longer align with my passions. Discovering my true value and becoming more confident in it has been instrumental in attracting higher-paying customers. Withing 2 months of working with Daniel, I have been able to increase my price by over 25%. Through the Growth Springboard program, I have improved my LinkedIn outreach and expanded my network of meaningful connections. Daniel's guidance on developing effective LinkedIn habits has also boosted my online presence and credibility, helping to build my pipeline. Daniel's unwavering support has empowered me to overcome challenges I once found overwhelming. From preparing my own webinar to reducing anxiety and doubts, his expertise has been invaluable. Additionally, my sales vocabulary and ability to present value to clients have significantly improved, thanks to Daniel's insights and the discovery of new marketing tools. I wholeheartedly recommend Daniel Feander as a mentor. His wealth of experience and extensive knowledge ensure that your hard work and dedication as a business owner are steered in the right direction. Thank you, Daniel, for your unwavering support and guidance throughout my journey.

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