Areas of Expertise

I help SaaS founders and their teams across 5 key areas:

“The salesmentor Pillars”

1. Positioning


  • The 3 Step Value Proposition Framework.
  • Importance of Minimal Viable Product (MVP).
  • Ideal Customer Profiling and Engagement Metrics.
  • Moving to and confirming Product Market Fit (PMF) with salesmentor’s 5-point checklist.


You will have fully completed Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs), which give you clarity on the type of customer, job title, seniority and pain points they face.

You will be able to position your SaaS as the best solution to your Ideal Customer’s (IC) biggest problems.  You will be able to deliver a crisp elevator pitch, which explains the benefits of your solution crisply and persuasively.  You will be able to explain what makes your solution truly unique (USP).

You will have a clear idea on the type of MVP you wish to develop in order to gather feedback from your ICs.

You will have a roadmap on how to engage with your ICs and solicit feedback on your MVP.

After integrating initial feedback, you will be able to hone your solution or pivot as necessary to achieve PMF.

2. Commercials


  • Key metrics for your business. 
  • Overview of different commercial models and way of packaging your SaaS.
  • 4 Step approach to optimise your SaaS pricing?  
  • Competitive Intelligence: key tools.


You will have set SMART targets which stretch you and your business to succeed, providing focus and motivation.

You will have decided on a commercial model best suited to your business, which will maximise revenue and delight your ICs.

You will be confident talking about your competitors and isolating your SaaS as the best solution.

You will have decided on which CRM tool to use and committed yourself to ongoing measurement of success.

3. Lead Gen


Outbound: Cold Calling

Outbound: Cold emails

Outbound: LinkedIn

Inbound: Content marketing

Inbound: Email

Inbound: LinkedIn


You will have a clear sales and marketing strategy, which includes both inbound and outbound tools to jet-propel your SaaS business forward to your next revenue milestone.

You will be committed to making at least 10 cold calls a day and confident in asking for the meeting.

You will have a call plan to follow, which provides a strong opening with an attention-grabbing statement.  You will also be confident in handling key objections and countering resistance.  You will be able to quickly qualify and minimise time wasted on the wrong calls.

You will be able to get gate-keepers to work for you and open doors.

You will know the practical tools needed to source email addresses and write compelling emails to your ICs.

You will have an inventory of email templates to use for writing cold emails which get a response.

You will know how to use tools to manage your cold email outreach and monitor results.

You will appear more professional and appear more often in front of your ICs.

You will be confident reaching out to your ICs over LinkedIn and be more engaging in your outreach.

You will have an inventory of message templates, which increase your level of engagement.

You will know how to use technology to increase your profile views with minimum effort.

You will have a clear view on which topics to produce content on and increase inbound traffic.

You will know how to build lead magnets and start collecting email addresses to start email nurturing.

You will develop a good, regular cadence on LinkedIn to increase inbound leads.

You will have a box of tricks to easily engage on LinkedIn.

4. Presenting


  • Pre-meeting preparation
  • Defining the purpose of the meeting
  • The importance of shutting up: listening skills
  • Asking different types of questions (context, problem, implied, positive questions) at the right times
  • Objection handling
  • How to demo effectively
  • The importance of storytelling to bring your presentation alive
  • How to gain commitment to next steps


You will be more confident, credible and compelling in all your client-facing meetings.

Your ICs will enjoy every moment spent in your company and will be eager to do business with you.

Your meetings will be much more effective because you now know how to build rapport fast with different personalities by asking the right types of questions at the right time.

5. Negotiating


  • How to avoid price haggling and get paid what you’re worth
  • How and when to agree to discounts
  • How to counter manipulative negotiation tactics
  • Navigating different stakeholders
  • How to stop wasting time of trials
  • Techniques for closing effectively
  • Ensuring customer success
  • Up-selling framework and getting testimonials


You will be confident saying “no” to discounts and only offer minimal reductions in price if it serves your interests.

You will have a toolbox to deal with different objections and time-wasters.

You will only agree to demos, once you have agreed on SMART objectives for running them.

You will have a range of techniques at your disposal to close strongly and effectively.

You will have committed yourself to exceeding expectations on delivery and be able to ask for testimonials.

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