Launchpad Europe

Helping B2B tech companies roll-out cost-effective operations in Europe, fast

Who We Help

You are a B2B tech company with a great solution, looking to break into the lucrative European market.   You want a reliable partner to assist you with creating your first on-the-ground team.

Why Launchpad Europe?

Setting up your on-the-ground team in Europe can seem overwhelming.    Local taxation regimes vary across Europe and local customs and languages can make getting started in Europe intimidating to say the least.    

Our Promise to You

We help you to create your tailor-made team within Europe at an affordable price.   No bureaucracy and no fuss.  You tell us what you want in terms of your ideal team and we shortlist candidates for you to choose from.  We take care of the onboarding, equipment and office space.

You receive one simple invoice for your entire department, inclusive of all fees and local taxes.  It’s that simple.

What’s more, you have the flexibility to add to your team at short notice as your European business grows.

Next Steps

We schedule 30 minute sales strategy call where we discuss your needs and vision for growth.

What Clients are saying

I believe in constant learning and improvement. Because of the compound effect, even minor improvements can be transformational.

Daniel Feander


I get to the point, provide candid feedback and cut the jargon.

Daniel Feander


I deliver real value and tangible results from the outset.

Daniel Feander


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