Double Your Sales: How To Supercharge Your SaaS Business With Cold Calling

Despite a lot of hype about cold calling being dead, it remains one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways of getting in front of your ideal customer.   Fewer and fewer organisations are doing it well, which means you will standout from the crowd, by following the advice in this guide.   I show you how to manage your fear and enjoy the process.


I’m Daniel Feander and I created salesmentor to help smart SaaS founders, like you, grow and scale your business.

By providing you the tools and one-to-one mentoring needed to succeed, we get your SaaS business to the next revenue milestone.

Daniel Feander



A blueprint on how to get more sales

Targeted cold calling is the most cost-effective way of growing your business.   In this guide I show you how to overcome the fear of cold outreach and actually enjoy it.    I show you hacks which will help you focus on the right audience, be more confident and jet propel your results.

Practical tools for success

Avoid the pitfalls of cold-calling, such as trying to sell over the phone.  I show you how to focus on qualifying quickly and getting your first appointment.  Easy-to-implement hacks, such as slowing down and speaking more slowly to increase your success rate.

Bonus tips to increase your success rate

Bonus tips on how to manage gatekeepers and increase your chances of reaching decision makers.  How to leave effective voice messages to guarantee a call back.

What clients are saying

It has been a pleasure to work with Daniel, who has been key in developing our go-to-market strategy during our first year since launch. He is zero BS and really helped us get clear on our messaging and define our ideal target audience. He showed us how to find our best customers on LinkedIn and gave us some great tools to automate our outreach and build a list of leads, quickly and hassle-free. He also coached me through sales demos, helping me to perfect my pitch and ask the right questions. In short, I could not recommend him highly enough.

Mayank Agrawal

Co-Founder, COO & CTO, Intellibonds.

A client of mine suggested I connect with Daniel when I mentioned some challenges I faced with market/product fit and how to communicate to potential prospects. He has been instrumental in helping me refine my messaging and approach to outreach, and helped me polish up my pitch delivery!

Stu Edwards

Managing Director, Growth Minded Marketing.

Double Your Sales: How To Supercharge Your SaaS Business With Cold Calling

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